delivery service offering meals delivery service offering meals

Lunch time is a valuable refreshing time
for busy office workers.

OISEEQ is a delivery service offering meals focusing on “three Qs” that customers want:

  • Quality
  • Quickly
  • Quest

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icon Features of a free-of-charge food delivery system"OISEEQ"

Only the actual cost for food
without monthly fixed expenses
Offering not only lunch but also
breakfast and catering for meetings
Flexible ordering system in which you can choose meals from various restaurants on a daily basis

iconThe advantage that
you choose OISEEQ

Make your breaktime
meaningful with OISEEQ!

  • Monotonous meals

    Monotonous meals

    I’m tired of a nearby restaurant’s meals.

    I want to use meals of various restaurants for meetings etc.

  • Crowded breaktime

    Crowded breaktime

    My breaktime is over in a moment because of time to visit and make a line.

  • Problems of fixed expenses

    Problems of fixed expenses

    I don’t want to use other delivery systems with fixed expenses (delivery fees etc.)

Office workers have concerns of meal.
We will solve all the concerns.

  • We don’t ask any fixed expenses for introduction, and use us freely because use frequency doesn’t matter.

  • Advanced reservation doesn’t waste your valuable breaktime of 5-10 minutes because meals are delivered at a designated time.

  • We give you only one bill even if you use more than one restaurant or lunch boxes for meeting.

  • We have for a variety of menu restaurants you can use. You also choose from various categories (Japanese style, western style, Chinse and ethnic).

icon Advantage of introducing OISEEQ

Recently, “improvement of food support for employees” as company benefits are required. Along with that, reputation on a meal’s system is appreciated compared with housing allowances among full company benefits system. OISEEQ holds hearings with a company’s representative and has various methods for food providing system as company benefits so that we can live up to various demands.

Providing services reflecting
customers’ voices

Employees choose a restaurant on a certain day and place an order by themselves.

A person in charge of general affairs doesn’t need to total up individual orders.

Handy ordering pattern
that you can choose

You don’t have to choose a meal from a routine box lunch delivery, but can set a restaurant from various genre.

You can also set the upper and lower limits of meal prices.

Realizing health consiousness
imrovment of employees

As a person in charge is able to confirm details of an order at a manager account, he/she can use it for managing health of employees.

After meeting with a person in charge of general affairs, we can limit food menu that will be shown to your employees.

icon Order flow


Pre-order hearing

After holding hearings on budgets, menu categories etc. that you want, we conduct user setting.

Pre-order hearing



We issue a manager account and personal accounts and log-in.



Place an order

A manager chooses a restaurant that he/she wants to offer to the employees and the employees choose what they want to eat.

Place an order


The day to be delivered
(pick-up of meals)

You receive a notice mail telling a lunch box number you ordered a few hours before the designated time.You receive the meals delivered at a designated place.You don’t need to pay or sign then.

The day to be delivered(pick-up of meals)



We settle payment by a credit card as an individual settlement, deducting the charge from the purchaser's salary or a method that was set at the time of a hearing closing at month-end.


icon Delivery Service

OISEEQ delivery area


【currently-deliverable area】
the western part in Tokyo 23 wards Chiyoda, Chuoh, Minato, Shinjuku, Shinagawa and Shibuya

deliverable area in Tokyo

Kokura area
(Fukuoka Prefecture)

corporation-based orders are accepted.

Only the actual expense of an ordered meal!

Monthly use /
Delivery expenses

Currently, restaurants out of the west part in Tokyo 23 words are limited to have orders. We’re very sorry to keep you have waiting for our response. Please write you request as in detail as possible. We will contact you as soon as we get it ready.

We’re looking for restaurant
wonders nationwide for registration.

Dear restaurant owners

Inquiry for a food delivery service, OISEEQ